Staff and Faculty Directory

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Name Department Telephone Classification
Marissa K. Landrigan Writing (814) 269-7148 FACULTY
Kimberly A. Lang Performing Arts Center (814) 269-7229 STAFF
James J. Langan (814) 269-7298 FACULTY
Wayne Langerholc Jr Sociology (814) 269-2990 PT FACULTY
Bradley K. Lavan Respiratory Care (814) 269-2960 PT FACULTY
Jeanine M. Lawn Student Financial Aid Office (814) 269-7045 PT STAFF
David Layman Student Life (814) 269-7065 PT STAFF
Tabitha A. Leary Campus Police (814) 269-7005 STAFF
Dr. Derek A. Leben Philosophy (814) 269-7147 FACULTY
Douglas A. Ledney Elementary Education (814) 269-7013 PT FACULTY
Albert Lee Business (814) 269-2980 PT FACULTY
Andrea J. Leibfreid Social Science Division (814) 269-2991 STAFF
Christopher G. Lemasters Student Life STAFF
Stephanie A. Lesosky Nursing & Health Sciences (814) 269-2995 PT FACULTY
Paulette Lewis Mailroom (814) 269-2012 STAFF
Stephen R. Lindberg Geology (814) 269-2944 PT FACULTY
Dr. Hui Liu (814) 269-7246 FACULTY
Kimberly A. Livingston Registrar's Office (814) 269-7057 STAFF
Amanda M. Loeffler Residence Life (814) 269-2023 STAFF
Dr. Paul A. Lucas Communication (814) 269-7150 FACULTY